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The Building Estimator's Reference Book - 31st Edition

Recognized worldwide as the authoritative source for comprehensive cost estimating information: Walker's Building Estimator's Reference Book - 1,648-page text organized in the 50 CSI Division format and containing detailed construction cost data, reference tables, charts and diagrams for quick reference, plus detailed explanations of all possible variables affecting job costs.


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How to Avoid Costly Errors Bidding



As leader of a company which has specialized in developing building construction estimating methods and resources which have been relied upon by generations of Construction professionals and educators for over 103 years. I would like to offer a succinct summary of error prevention steps which have proven value in the process.



Accurate estimating is the “life blood” of successful construction estimating. Frequently, estimators have limited experiential cost data for aspects of the job and seek expert industry sources of exploratory or confirming data, for portions of the estimate or confirmation of accuracy of sub-contractor’s bids. Therefore it is vital for building cost estimators to select authoritative proven sources when referencing construction estimating books, data sources of building construction, labor productivity, material quantities and unit costs. For more information refer to: https://www.frankrwalker.com/p-90-the-building-estimators-reference-book-berb-31.aspx which differs from typical pricing books as variable cost components are developed considering the effect of method details influencing unit costs.



The most common cause for errors is failure to identify all of the variables of construction labor and material costs in the take-off process. Many pricing books do not detail these factors, so is important to reference source materials which do. We offer over 1400 pages of Excel ® formatted unit prices, tables, templates and charts combined with reference material and http://www.frankrwalker.com/EstimatorsReference/toc.aspx. This is the key to your real costs, for competitive bidding of building construction jobs.



Estimating errors which occur while compiling the data can be minimized by using efficient estimating forms and software spreadsheets for accurate quantity take-offs, extensions and summaries. Contact: http://www.frankrwalker.com/c-3-forms.aspx to review some of these cost effective and efficient resources which ensure accurate and successful estimating and bidding. Original estimating documents are important job cost control tools for project managers to price change orders, manage purchasing and are vitally important in prevention and settling claims disputes. The estimate and supporting documents live far beyond the bidding process and play an important role throughout the life of the project affecting its successful and profitable conclusion.

Whether you are a construction manager, general or sub-contractor, engineer, architect or educator, evaluating reliable sources of estimating cost data, visit our website www.frankrwalker.com. View contents of our cost estimating data ranging from site work through 50 CSI Divisions.




The Frank R. Walker Company is the trusted source for industry normative building cost data relied upon by generations of building construction contractors for accurate, competitive and profitable cost estimates.

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